Writing Romance Right

We meet a girl. She's awkward, klutzy, and kind of plain (although everyone says she's pretty) with a good head on her shoulders and a clear-cut path in life. She's "not like the other girls". (All girls are empty-headed ninnies, you know.) Enter... boy. He's dashing, disarming, and admittedly a bit of a baddie. Suddenly she's …

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How to Break Free from “Fluffy” Writing

When teaching my high school students how to write for radio, a common problem surfaces. Many students struggle to break free of that "high school essay" writing style which asserts more is more. Use fluff to fill space! Dance around the subject to downplay lack of confidence! Meet that page requirement! Write 3,000 words without... really... saying... anything. And so on. …

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The Art of Perception: Rethinking How We See

AMHERST, Mass.--At the University of Massachusetts Amy E. Herman gave a lecture to a group of art history students about the art of perception.  She began her Mar. 29 lecture with a warning, “Refrain from using two words--obviously and clearly.  We live in a complex world where nothing is obvious and nothing is clear.” Herman …

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