Singular Moments This weekend, my younger sister Alexa came home for a visit. We had a great time exploring the woods and filming a video, which I have prepared for you today. She shares some perspective about the little moments in life by the river.


Exploring The Woods Today is Feb. 20, 2018, and I spent it sunbathing in a pair of shorts. We had a weird warm spell after some snow on Saturday and reached a high of about 65 degrees. That's Fahrenheit, by the way. Your Celcius units mean nothing to me, rest of the world, though Google says that's …

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Ditching the Plastic with Shampoo Bars

No, I'm not dirty. I had been looking for ways to reduce my waste lately--food waste, time waste, plastic waste, money waste--when my search to simplify coincided with a sobering realization. I put an awful lot of harmful crap on my body. Makeup, lotions, antiperspirants, tampons, medicine, shampoo, toothpaste and more, everything that comes into …

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