Singular Moments This weekend, my younger sister Alexa came home for a visit. We had a great time exploring the woods and filming a video, which I have prepared for you today. She shares some perspective about the little moments in life by the river.


My Valentine’s Daith – New Piercings! Today is Self-Love Sunday, a day that I talk about an issue related to self-growth, positivity or self-love. Welcome to episode six. This past Valentine's Day, I took myself on an impromptu date to a tattoo and piercing studio and walked away with two new bits of metal in my ears. I had both …

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Strength in Numbers: How it feels to be 54

In this series, “How it feels to be…” I interview humans at different ages and stages of life. Today I sit down with 54-year-old Eli who is just beginning her summer vacation from the public school system. The five and a half foot woman with dark shoulder length hair is a former ballerina who I've …

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