Journalism, A Worthless Degree?

Your father says a degree in journalism promises a less secure future than degrees in STEM. Your mother thinks an art degree will keep you safe from the dangerous assignments journalists undertake. This 2012 article by Forbes comments on a report by Career Cast that lists journalism as the fifth worst job, above oil riggers …

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College Series: Graduating Early! Memorable University Courses

Happy weekend! Today was a big day for me. I rushed back to UMass Amherst at 9:30 a.m. this dreary Friday morning to speak with an adviser about graduation. We moved my anticipated graduation date from Spring 2018 to Fall 2017 meaning I will be graduating from college a semester ahead of schedule. I also submitted …

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College Series: Advice from Upperclassmen.

  AMHERST, Mass.--In the transition from high school to college, many students find it difficult to adapt to the new environment.  At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, two upperclassmen provide advice to incoming freshman based on their experiences with friends, classes, and dorm living. “My freshman year, I didn’t expect to fight with my roommate.  …

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