Ditching the Plastic with Shampoo Bars

No, I'm not dirty. I had been looking for ways to reduce my waste lately--food waste, time waste, plastic waste, money waste--when my search to simplify coincided with a sobering realization. I put an awful lot of harmful crap on my body. Makeup, lotions, antiperspirants, tampons, medicine, shampoo, toothpaste and more, everything that comes into …

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The Blue Moonberry Wolf and the Wicked Child

This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood I wrote for my public relations class from the wolf's perspective. Enjoy! -Allyson (the wicked child) Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful wolf named Wolfgang. He lived deep in the far-away forest where the foothills shimmered with emerald blades of grass while babbling brooks …

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Journalism, A Worthless Degree?

Your father says a degree in journalism promises a less secure future than degrees in STEM. Your mother thinks an art degree will keep you safe from the dangerous assignments journalists undertake. This 2012 article by Forbes comments on a report by Career Cast that lists journalism as the fifth worst job, above oil riggers …

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