As My Phone Disappeared Beneath the Tire of the Car Doing 45 MPH I Realized Today Would Be Rough

By Allyson Morin Yesterday my day began with a four and a half hour commute to work and came to a head as I stood in the middle of an intersection watching a car doing 45 mph run over my cell phone. Of all the ways for a crappy cell phone to bite the …

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Embarrassing Childhood Stories | Chat While I Clean I meant to have this video up last night, but it's been sort of a hard week. Today I half-heartedly clean a shelf while I tell you embarrassing stories from my childhood. I'll tell you about the time I joined the fifth-grade band and ruined everything, as well as about the time that same …

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Old Prom Dress Try On! Wow, Ally, you must be in a weird mood. You're exactly right, friend. Today I am reliving the high school magic of braces, awkward relationships, and socks stuffed in my shirt by trying on my old prom dresses. Prepare to be dazzled. This is what 2 a.m. and access to iMovie gets ya. Which …

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My First Night of College, Not Like The Movies In today's video, I recall my first night of college and the embarrassing way I introduced myself to my dorm floor. I moved away to college for the first time in the fall of 2014. The university I attended offered to move in students the day before the official move-in date if for some reason …

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Letters to Myself: Sharing My Decade Old Time Capsule Thanks for stopping by! My name is Allyson. I am a recent college graduate, a writer and a traveler with stories to share. In this video, I read letters I wrote to my future self as an 11-year old, a 13-year-old and an 18-year-old and share some perspective I have gained over the years. …

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Doggie Au Pair- A Labor of Love

“I just love dogs-how could you not?” said Ultan Connolly during a late Summer afternoon stroll with one of his clients.

Bonnie, a black Labrador, vigorously wags her tail in agreement and proceeds to lead the way through a sun streaked path in a woods just south of Boston. Ultan leans in, whispers a command and Bonnie immediately sits appearing to revel in the attention of the 48-year old Dedham resident whose speech reflects more than a hint of his native Galway.

Although Bonnie is not Ultan’s dog, he treats the 7- year old pooch as if she were part of his own family.

The affection, clearly genuine, is unabashedly reciprocated by his canine companion in the form of licks, jumps and more wagging.

“Not a bad day at the office,” he says with a smile against the bucolic backdrop.

Amid the sound of chirping birds, Ultan gently pats Bonnie…

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No Pain, No Spain


By Matt Benedetti   ERS Personal Journalist

“You can have excuses or results but you can’t have both,” said Kevin Hennessey, President of BRABO Payroll on a brilliant October morning in his downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts office.

Roaming seagulls and a gentle surf can be heard from the beach a block south in what was likely the final nod toward a fading Indian Summer.

Kevin flashes a wide smile and bounds about the bright two-story Court Street headquarters brimming with an enthusiasm borne from realized ambition.

Two years ago, Kevin created Brabo Payroll, a full-service comprehensive payroll and human resources firm that provides payroll solutions to businesses throughout southeastern New England.

Since its inception, Brabo has experienced robust growth and is positioned to expand in the near term. Powered by the most secure, and comprehensive software in the industry, Brabo is considered an elite firm.

Always indefatigable, Hennessey…

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