Doggie Au Pair- A Labor of Love

“I just love dogs-how could you not?” said Ultan Connolly during a late Summer afternoon stroll with one of his clients.

Bonnie, a black Labrador, vigorously wags her tail in agreement and proceeds to lead the way through a sun streaked path in a woods just south of Boston. Ultan leans in, whispers a command and Bonnie immediately sits appearing to revel in the attention of the 48-year old Dedham resident whose speech reflects more than a hint of his native Galway.

Although Bonnie is not Ultan’s dog, he treats the 7- year old pooch as if she were part of his own family.

The affection, clearly genuine, is unabashedly reciprocated by his canine companion in the form of licks, jumps and more wagging.

“Not a bad day at the office,” he says with a smile against the bucolic backdrop.

Amid the sound of chirping birds, Ultan gently pats Bonnie…

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Ditching the Plastic with Shampoo Bars

No, I'm not dirty. I had been looking for ways to reduce my waste lately--food waste, time waste, plastic waste, money waste--when my search to simplify coincided with a sobering realization. I put an awful lot of harmful crap on my body. Makeup, lotions, antiperspirants, tampons, medicine, shampoo, toothpaste and more, everything that comes into …

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No Pain, No Spain


By Matt Benedetti   ERS Personal Journalist

“You can have excuses or results but you can’t have both,” said Kevin Hennessey, President of BRABO Payroll on a brilliant October morning in his downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts office.

Roaming seagulls and a gentle surf can be heard from the beach a block south in what was likely the final nod toward a fading Indian Summer.

Kevin flashes a wide smile and bounds about the bright two-story Court Street headquarters brimming with an enthusiasm borne from realized ambition.

Two years ago, Kevin created Brabo Payroll, a full-service comprehensive payroll and human resources firm that provides payroll solutions to businesses throughout southeastern New England.

Since its inception, Brabo has experienced robust growth and is positioned to expand in the near term. Powered by the most secure, and comprehensive software in the industry, Brabo is considered an elite firm.

Always indefatigable, Hennessey…

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The Blue Moonberry Wolf and the Wicked Child

This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood I wrote for my public relations class from the wolf's perspective. Enjoy! -Allyson (the wicked child) Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful wolf named Wolfgang. He lived deep in the far-away forest where the foothills shimmered with emerald blades of grass while babbling brooks …

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Journalism, A Worthless Degree?

Your father says a degree in journalism promises a less secure future than degrees in STEM. Your mother thinks an art degree will keep you safe from the dangerous assignments journalists undertake. This 2012 article by Forbes comments on a report by Career Cast that lists journalism as the fifth worst job, above oil riggers …

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