On the Particulars


My name is Allyson Morin.  I am a 21-year-old studying journalism and linguistics.  In my free time I write stories, record audio books, do craft projects, run, volunteer, knit blankets, and do as much as I can outside.  My interests include sustainable food and farming practices, tiny house building, and the stories of strangers.

I have always been fascinated by the stories swirling around us.  I once had a professor tell me that every one of us harbors unique secrets, ideas, experiences that may not be visible on the surface.  The art of storytelling is how we bring forth this information to be shared and examined.  This is a place for me to tell the stories of strangers.  It is a place to toy with ideas and ask questions.

Click “Start Here” to find a curated list of my favorite stories.

Find fascinating narratives and interviews under the Stories of Strangers tab.

For essays, daily musings and Q&As check out Food for Thought.

Travel? Check out the travel tab.

Find what Allyson Morin is writing in the real world (or writing tips) under Writing in the Wild.

Thanks for reading, stranger!

Questions?  Comments?  Have a story to tell?  For this and other business inquiries please contact me at writtenforstrangers@gmail.com or on Twitter @story4strangers


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