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About Me

Allyson is a multi-media fanatic with a focus on video, audio and photography. Her work spans news, military, sports, profile, commentary, and memoir. She is an advocate for low-income children and taught journalism at Springfield’s High School of Commerce as well as New England Public Radio’s Media Lab. She was part of a pioneer program at the Hampshire County Jail to teach the principles of journalism to individuals living in incarceration, which provided them with college credits through the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her students learned to use storytelling as a means of critical thinking. In order to tell their stories, students must analyze the world in which their stories exist in and use journalism method to draw attention to injustices and hold people in power accountable. This work is called advocacy journalism. Allyson strongly believes that sharing stories bridges the gaps between people and has the power to create revolutionary change.

Allyson routinely published stories with the Amherst Wire, UMass Athletics, New England Public Radio, and her personal blog where nobody reads it. Her work has also appeared in Western Mass newspapers and at the 104th Fighter Wing where she was a public affairs intern.

In her free time, Allyson enjoys travel, recording audio books, thinking about writing, talking about writing, teaching writing, finally getting around to writing, filming YouTube videos and writing stories about her dysfunctional family. She spent much of her undergraduate journalism career sending in articles to her editor with prolific use of the Oxford comma as a small act of teenage rebellion. Ultimately, she was narrowly robbed of a 4.0 by one B+ in an 8 a.m. class, but still graduated Magna cum laude (and a semester early at that!) from University of Massachusetts Amherst with degrees in journalism and linguistics in December 2017.

How To Navigate This Site

Click “Start Here” to find a curated list of favorite stories.

Find fascinating interviews and stories from my life under the Stories of Strangers tab.

For random thoughts that crossed my mind, essays, musings, self-love and Q&As check out Food for Thought.

Travel? Check out the travel tab.

Find what Allyson Morin is writing in the real world (or writing tips) under Writing in the Wild.

Posting Schedule

I post new content every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. This content is usually a video from my YouTube channel alongside whatever word vomit makes its way out of my system that day.

Where Else To Find Me

I am most active on Instagram @niromylla or on YouTube. Follow me there if like my vibe. Or not. I won’t know the difference.

I am also a business professional, believe it or not, so if you’re in the Boston area and need a freelance writer or videographer, check me out here. No pressure. But check it out anyway because I’m pretty great.

Thanks for reading, stranger!

Questions?  Comments?  Have a story to tell?  For this and other business inquiries please contact me at writtenforstrangers@gmail.com or on Twitter @niromylla.


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