Barcarole for Paper and Bones

Here’s some more reading for you today, another story that I loved as a kid–pretty dark stuff but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not too scary or violent, I remember reading this at the end of the dock watching the waves roll in when I was 7 or 8. I also remember sleeping with the lights on for a couple of days afterward but I had and still have a thing for gore. Without too much spoiler: a ghost ship is discovered floating on the open ocean, the crew long missing or dead, although a pot of freshly made oatmeal sits on the stove and boots are lined neatly at the bunks.

Today I am reading Barcarole for Paper and Bones by M. T. Anderson, taken from the novel Shelf Life: Stories by The Book, edited by Gary Paulsen. I did not write this story and all credit goes to the proper creators, it’s just for fun!

I’ll do some long-form writing of my own next week, this is just too much fun for me not to upload.

Note: Oh goodness gracious I spelled the title of the story wrong in the video. My brain is a Brazil nut.


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