Exploring The Woods

Today is Feb. 20, 2018, and I spent it sunbathing in a pair of shorts. We had a weird warm spell after some snow on Saturday and reached a high of about 65 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit, by the way. Your Celcius units mean nothing to me, rest of the world, though Google says that’s 18 degrees C.

I decided to bring you along with me for my laid back walk in the woods in today’s video. I walk my dogs off leash when we’re alone with lots of space to run around. I think it’s better for them to explore on their own a bit rather than have to experience everything within a three-foot radius to me.

The little white chihuahua is named Stella, she is about 7-years-old. The big ol’ black lab is Roxy. She is 9 or 10. The walk lasted nearly an hour but I am sharing just over 10 minutes of it with you today. They were too cute.

This walk was a big peak for me today, as was the nap I took with my dogs on the back porch. My third peak of the day, because good things come in threes, was feeling slightly too warm in the car without air conditioning as I drove into town today. I think all my mood boosts are weather-related. A big valley for today is this headache I’ve had for two days straight behind my eyes. It wasn’t made any better by the bright lights at my dentist appointment.

How did you enjoy the nice weather today?


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