My Valentine’s Daith – New Piercings!

Today is Self-Love Sunday, a day that I talk about an issue related to self-growth, positivity or self-love. Welcome to episode six.

This past Valentine’s Day, I took myself on an impromptu date to a tattoo and piercing studio and walked away with two new bits of metal in my ears. I had both of my daiths pierced with a custom-bent 16 gauge captive bead ring in honor of the holiday. I thought there was something poetic about a heart in each ear–like it would encourage me to listen only to lovely thoughts.

I took my dogs for a walk in the park today. We got about 6 inches of fresh snow last night which made it quite an adventure for my little chihuahua, though the temperature could drop by another 20 degrees and my lab wouldn’t notice. I intended to listen to a guided meditation or general self-help podcast while I walked, but I remembered too late that my new iPhone doesn’t have an aux port for headphones. I wasn’t quite ready to be THAT lady walking around the woods while a British man with a smooth voice encouraged me to chase my dreams from my coat pocket.


The little one was stuffed into my sweater, shivering, about 20 minutes into the walk.

Overall my mood has been pretty low lately. Maybe it’s the weather or the season. Returning to my “three peaks and a valley” exercise, three things that made me happy today were:

  1. Walking my dogs.
  2. When I went outside to shovel the driveway, a kind anonymous neighbor had already done it for me.
  3. I motivated myself to film, edit, and post a video and blog post despite not feeling in the mood.

One thing that bothered me was a persistent feeling of exhaustion that clung heavily to my body like a wet shirt.

What made you happy today?


2 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Daith – New Piercings!

  1. Thank you for returning to Three Peaks and a Valley. I had forgotten that wonderful way of looking at the day.
    So far today..
    My valley was an overly long time at the dentist getting a crown put on. They shaved my new built up tooth to a tiny nub only to cover it again with a temporary bit of plastic. Note, plastic was emphasized at least three times. No nuts, ice, popcorn etc. It would bust.
    Peak: I have a bit of time to myself today to clean, explore, read, and hopefully write a bit.
    Peak: Everyone I love is healthy.
    Peak:…..there is still more of the day to come.

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