Embarrassing Childhood Stories | Chat While I Clean

I meant to have this video up last night, but it’s been sort of a hard week. Today I half-heartedly clean a shelf while I tell you embarrassing stories from my childhood. I’ll tell you about the time I joined the fifth-grade band and ruined everything, as well as about the time that same year that I ruined the fifth-grade chorus concert. I’ve written about these topics in the past if you’re interested in reading them in full.

Links to childhood stories written on my blog:

“The Time I Joined Fifth Grade Band and Ruined Everything.”

“The Time I Learned German and Ruined the Fifth Grade Chorus Concert.”

Welcome to my channel! My name is Allyson. I am a recent college graduate, a writer and a traveler with stories to share. I post new videos every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Sometimes we get weird. Won’t you join me? xxoo, Ally Music Credit: free for commercial use via ccmixter.org Set Yourself Free (ft. Snowflake) by Loveshadow


One thought on “Embarrassing Childhood Stories | Chat While I Clean

  1. So, at the beginning of the video I said “he” referring to the band teacher and later referred to the chorus teacher as “she” despite saying they were the same person. There were two band teachers–a female and a male but the female band teacher was also the only chorus teacher. Just in case you happened to get confused on those points!


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