Back at it today with some spicy content: Join me while I quietly throw away makeup for a half hour

Hello, fellow human-shaped meat sacks. I’m back at it with more spicy content. Today I invite you to sit breathlessly on the edge of your seat while I sort through and dispose of makeup for a half hour.

Also during the video, I discuss my favorite products and uncover a truly expired lipstick.

If anyone has written any truly horrendous or embarrassing fanfiction/Wattpad content lately, please bring it to my attention immediately. I’ll trade you for the start of some heavily Kurt Vonnegut/popular YA dystopian-influenced nonsense I wrote at 15. Please be brutal in the comment section.

Welcome, stranger! My name is Allyson. I am a recent college graduate, a writer and a traveler with stories to share. I post new stories every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Sometimes we get weird. Won’t you join me?


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