50 Things I Love About Being Me | Self-Love Sunday #4

Today is self-love Sunday, a day that I chat about positivity, growth, and self-love. Today I challenged myself to write down fifty things I like about myself–none based on physical appearance–and I encourage you all to do the same. Sometimes we find ourselves picking each other apart to find flaws as if bringing others down raises ourselves up. Other women’s (or men’s, etc) bodies are not my home to wage war and my own body is not one I wish to fight.

  1. I like to learn new things,
  2. I push myself to improve upon my last effort.
  3. I think I’m funny.
  4. I don’t find it difficult to write. I don’t get writer’s block. When I sit down to write something it bleeds out of me.
  5. I know AP-style like I grew with it in the womb.
  6. I have very good fine motor skills that allow me to do delicate crafts.
  7. I always return my shopping cart to the right location.
  8. I am self-motivated.
  9. I have a good poker face to act interested in something when I’m not.
  10. I’m not squeamish about blood, gore, or injuries.
  11. I work well on a deadline.
  12. I enjoy traveling alone.
  13. I’m not too proud to ask for help when I need it.
  14. My rapidly oscillating mental health is a treasure trove to draw upon in my writing (this is a joke, but it’s also very true).
  15. I go braless 100 percent of the time. Very freeing.
  16. I put my keys in the same place every day so I very rarely lose them.
  17. I have good self-discipline, generally.
  18. I remember to take my vitamin and my probiotic every day.
  19. I drink enough water.
  20. I am fiscally responsible, generally.
  21. I know a surprising lot about 19th-century Impressionists.
  22. I write phenomenal cover letters and queries.
  23. I put cinnamon on my french fries.
  24. I shop sales and bring coupons.
  25. I am improving upon spending less on things I don’t need.
  26. I’ve maintained a healthy weight, more or less, for the past several years.
  27. I’m reasonably physically healthy.
  28. I advocate for myself.
  29. I can talk for hours about the things that excite me.
  30. I take criticism.
  31. I accept compliments.
  32. I’m a visual/ hands-on learner. Show me what to do, let me practice and I’ll pick it up.
  33. I don’t feel like I need to be put together all the time. I feel equally good going out in sweatpants as high heels.
  34. Sitting in traffic doesn’t bother me.
  35. I like my voice. I like how I sound on recordings and I like the way I articulate my thoughts.
  36. I will pet any dog, clean or smelly.
  37. I am very skilled at giving my dog eye drops.
  38. Mentally connecting with people energizes me.
  39. I am not afraid of roller coasters.
  40. I know my limits with the things I am afraid of and speak up if I feel uncomfortable.
  41. I operate pretty much anything with a motor: Automatic car, boat, ATV, snowmobile, golf cart, lawn mower and I’m challenging myself to learn to drive a manual car.
  42. I don’t feel attached to physical items.
  43. I give people in my life room to grow. I do not cling.
  44. I’m not perfect. I am verbally mean, selfish, and I have the tendency to disappear for months on people; but I am honest about my shortcomings and never try to represent myself as something I’m not.
  45. I have a very strong opinion about the Oxford comma. AP-style is wrong here! The Oxford comma is visually appealing, divides lists logically, and is absolutely vital to avoid confusion.
  46. I once wrote a 30-page linguistics paper on Nelly’s 2000 Album “Country Grammar”.
  47. I once wrote a 35-page paper on death practices and culture in 15th-century Venice.
  48. I have a picture on my phone of my own gallbladder sitting in a dish. I think it’s pretty cute and I love that my body can no longer make gallstones.
  49. I know that things will not always work out for me but that doesn’t stop me from trying anyway.
  50. I like that I was able to think of 50 things I like about myself. There were times I couldn’t name one thing I liked about myself. Everything I’ve experienced, every choice I’ve made, and every thought I’ve thunk has shaped this hunk of meat** that is me. I think I’m pretty great.

**Hunk of meat, hahahahaha. I’m reading this a while after I posted and I swear that line has me rolling. How’s that for a cute blogger intro? “Hey fellow meat hunks❤❤🍗🍔, today I will…” (Ok I’ll stop, refer to number 3 on this list.)


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