PODCAST: A Different Kind of Favorites Video

Today is self-love Sunday, a day that I chat about positivity, growth, and self-love. I’m experimenting with the form in our third episode, offering up my favorite mood boosts to you podcast style. I suppose one could call this a favorites video of intangible objects, of actions and ideas. While I speak, you can look through raw footage I’ve filmed and photos I’ve captured or collected over the past year.


The warning labels on plastic bags were a little laxer back then


I like watching favorites videos and reading through favorites posts, where people share their holy grail beauty items or clothing they can’t live without, but I don’t have much in the way of physical items that I’m particularly attached to. I’m sitting on the floor of my room right now–it’s quite cluttered–and for the life of me I can’t identify a single item I would feel bad about throwing out.

My list of favorite physical items are as follows:

  • My driver’s license identifying that I am over 21-years-old
  • The external hard drive that allows me to store photos and videos digitally
  • The really nice laptop that allows me to export my work in a fraction of the time it used to
  • Probiotics
  • My Zoom H4N field microphone which was my first major step into the world of multi-media
  • The few, but happy few stamps in my passport
  • E.L.F lipstick in Red Carpet Red
  • Loose fitting shirts that don’t touch my stomach skin and make me squirm
  • Flannel bed sheets changed regularly
  • My tattoos and piercings
  • The Himalayan salt lamp that I secretly think works

IMG_4653Welcome, stranger! My name is Allyson. I am a recent college graduate, a writer and a traveler with stories to share.

Music Credit: free for commercial use via ccmixter.org

Set Yourself Free (ft. Snowflake) by Loveshadow


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