No Pain, No Spain

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By Matt Benedetti   ERS Personal Journalist

“You can have excuses or results but you can’t have both,” said Kevin Hennessey, President of BRABO Payroll on a brilliant October morning in his downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts office.

Roaming seagulls and a gentle surf can be heard from the beach a block south in what was likely the final nod toward a fading Indian Summer.

Kevin flashes a wide smile and bounds about the bright two-story Court Street headquarters brimming with an enthusiasm borne from realized ambition.

Two years ago, Kevin created Brabo Payroll, a full-service comprehensive payroll and human resources firm that provides payroll solutions to businesses throughout southeastern New England.

Since its inception, Brabo has experienced robust growth and is positioned to expand in the near term. Powered by the most secure, and comprehensive software in the industry, Brabo is considered an elite firm.

Always indefatigable, Hennessey…

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