LISTEN: Media Lab Podcast “Can You Hear Us?”



On the fifth episode of the Media Lab Podcast, Elder Martinez shares his experiences about the wild world of the internet and asks us to consider the role technology plays in our lives. In another story, Xuan Truong offers a compelling commentary about her mother and sister as they experience a negative encounter at a local grocery store. Lastly, learn more about the Springfield Sting, a Springfield, Massachusetts Basketball team, in a feature by George Anderson. #whatstoryareyoutelling

With a run time of 15:37, “Can You Hear Us?” is the longest podcast yet produced by NEPR’s media lab. Listen to NEPR Media Lab Podcast to hear under-represented high schoolers in the Springfield area share stories relating to self-identity, community, immigration, adversity, triumph, love and more. This is life work.

Thank you for supporting your public radio stations and tuning into New England Public Radio’s Media Lab!

Music Credit: Truck Julius of EARDRUGZ








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