The No Good, Very Bad Week | Three Peaks and a Valley #17

This series, Three Peaks and a Valley refers to three positive moments and one negative moment that happens during a twenty-four hour period of my life. When I’m feeling down, my mom tells me to remember one positive and one negative thing about the experience: a peak and a valley.

Three Peaks and a Valley aims to outweigh the negative with the positive.

Three Peaks and a Valley is a regular miniseries that, by sharing my own moments of joy and vulnerability I hope that you’ll think about your own.

First, the positive.

PEAK: I watched Season 7, Episode 1 of Game of Thrones today. It was absolutely fantastic. That is one of the few television series I try my best to keep up with. I also like Stranger Things and the first few seasons of Vikings. I don’t keep up with Vikings anymore though.

PEAK: I left the house for the first time in what felt like ages. I’ve been extremely ill and shut away indoors to it was nice to feel the sun on me again. It’s amazing what going outside can do for your mood and your health. We took a walk around an outdoor museum. I sat down on every stone or wooden bench in the dappled shade. My sister Alexa and I took this Titanic inspired photo.


From Instagram: “You jump, I jump remember? Too bad there’s only room on this raft for me”


PEAK: Clean white sheets. It feels so nice to sleep on fresh flannel sheets when you’ve been feeling ill. It’s an instant mood boost. What’s also nice is taking a shower when you’re ill. Smelling like soap is much better than the other nasty byproducts of a summer bug.

VALLEY: Oh, man, have I been ill. It started Monday morning when I woke up feeling especially funny. I felt pretty sick last week as I was getting my period for the second time in three weeks but Monday I woke up feeling nauseous beyond belief. It lingered a bit throughout my day until the night time when all hell broke loose. I threw up every half hour from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., not getting a lick of sleep.

Tuesday it was much the same. I slept until four in the afternoon, woke up thinking the storm was over but man was I wrong. I wore a path in my carpet from my bed to my bathroom and back again. I haven’t had the energy to write anything which is why I’ve been largely absent for a couple days. Wednesday morning I was better. Part of it must have been that I didn’t have a scrap of anything left in my system to toss out. I managed to eat a little although the smell of food made me retch. I took a shower sitting on the floor of the tub in case I tipped over. I walked very slowly. The dark circles under my eyes reached my knees. In the afternoon I had my outing which turned things around immensely. Into this evening I’m doing better still, which I’m glad for. I don’t remember being this sick in a long time, which is also a positive.


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