Look, Ma, I’m driving through a flash flood! | Three Peaks and a Valley #14

This series, Three Peaks and a Valley refers to three positive moments and one negative moment that happens during a twenty-four hour period of my life. When I’m feeling down, my mom tells me to remember one positive and one negative thing about the experience: a peak and a valley.

Three Peaks and a Valley aims to outweigh the negative with the positive.

Three Peaks and a Valley is a regular miniseries that, by sharing my own moments of joy and vulnerability I hope that you’ll think about your own.

PEAK: Man, what did I even do today? I ate a burrito at Two Rivers, which is always fun. That was before the rain started coming down hard. Much of Massachusetts experienced flash flooding today. It was the kind of rain that completely whites out your windshield as you drive down the highway. Your windshield wipers can’t keep up. Anyway, that all started as I left the burrito place around noon. I find the mad dashes from cover to car door under heavy rain kind of exciting. You leap over puddles, sprint along the curb and always drop your keys at the last possible second. Definitely a peak.

PEAK: I experimented with recording my voice while driving in the car today. I had about four total hours of driving to do on this rainy day. I “wrote” a solid piece as I weaved around traffic on the highway. Can’t wait to share it with you soon!

PEAK: My outfit today was a pretty big peak. I wore an orange, retro-looking dress that my boyfriend’s mother gave me as a gift some time ago, paired with a head wrap that was also a gift from my boyfriend’s mother. The shirt is from the men’s section of Old Navy that my mother gave me. They dress me very well.


VALLEY: I hate spending all my money on gas. My car’s tank is on “E” for the millionth time and I simply don’t want to fill it up. I have to drive to the grimy gas station, touch the filthy hand hold, press the dirty buttons and watch all my money leave my bank account. When I was a kid, I thought “getting your period,” meant bleeding exactly one time once in your life and this “getting your period” business would be all over. I was terrifically wrong. I sort of wish filling your gas tank was the same way. You fill your tank exactly one time in your life and you’re good to go forever.


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