Three Peaks and a Valley #11: Party in the Mountains

This series, Three Peaks and a Valley refers to three positive moments and one negative moment that happens during a twenty-four hour period of my life. When I’m feeling down, my mom tells me to remember one positive and one negative thing about the experience: a peak and a valley.

Three Peaks and a Valley aims to outweigh the negative with the positive.

Three Peaks and a Valley is a regular miniseries that, by sharing my own moments of joy and vulnerability I hope that you’ll think about your own.

PEAK: Today was my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by holding a party at the MacTom house in Savoy. I’ve written about that property in a piece titled, “The Women Who Burned Mountains“. We ate food (I ate a mostly raw potato because I became impatient watching it cook in the coals), sat around a fire in the pouring rain and finished off the night with fireworks.

PEAK: I’m making great progress on that murder mystery thriller that I am reading. If you haven’t read some of my last Three Peaks and a Valley, I am currently reading Blue Heaven by C. J. Box. I had a hard time getting into it, but I like it, even if I do find it terribly predictable. It’s definitely a vacation book to read for the sake of easy entertainment.

PEAK: There were glow-in-the-dark balloons at the party that looked absolutely magical in the evening, like a glowing witch’s ball. There were also plenty of fireflies to hunt and the night sky was so clear as to see the whole unobstructed milky way. It was very different than my experience in NYC these past few days. I missed the stars and fireflies.

VALLEY: The mosquitos. My goodness. I am solidly bitten up on both legs and find more welts each minute. The bugs eat you alive up there. Additionally, eating a mostly raw potato and most of a vat of spicy vegan chili is hell on your digestive tract.


As always, share your peaks and valleys with me in the comment section below.


This wig/drinking hat combo was another peak.





2 thoughts on “Three Peaks and a Valley #11: Party in the Mountains

  1. Yesterday’s peaks and valley…
    PEAK: My workout went spectacularly well. Afterward, I could tell I was going to be sore and exhausted. I was exhausted and I am… sore.
    PEAK: I met up with a newish friend for dinner and going to Happier Vally Improv. They have a show the second Saturday of the month. Right now they are using a theater on Smith campus. The show was very funny and afterward, with the full moon to light the night sky, I walked back to my car. I was very happy to have parked quite a bit away so I could enjoy Northampton at night.
    PEAK: We ate at Bela’s last night. OMG. There really isn’t any more to say about that other than, if you haven’t eaten there WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? It is vegetarian and vegan.
    Valley: An old friend came over to see my new house. He said it was a definite upgrade from my old house. I love my old house. Yes, is isn’t as grand in a sense as this one is. Yes, I wish it had hardwood floors and that I had upgraded other things long before moving out and not just before moving out. BUT….it was home, cozy, wild and wonderful and full of a life I will never see as anything thing less than grand. This house is beautiful, but an upgrade…it is a side step waiting to be filled with some of the same wonderment that was in my beautiful, sweet other home. He could never understand any of that.

    Moving on….life is sweet but if you lick a lollipop you’ll have to deal with the stick at some point. That’s why I like jelly beans.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your day! I will definitely need to check out Bela’s now, on your recommendation. Sounds great 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you went to the show with your new friend, Northampton is beautiful at night. As for your valley, I agree with you completely. Both your current and previous homes were lovely in different ways and have serviced you well. Talk soon!


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