Three Peaks and a Valley #10: Rainy Sick Day

This series, Three Peaks and a Valley refers to three positive moments and one negative moment that happens during a twenty-four hour period of my life. When I’m feeling down, my mom tells me to remember one positive and one negative thing about the experience: a peak and a valley.

Three Peaks and a Valley aims to outweigh the negative with the positive.

Three Peaks and a Valley is a regular miniseries that, by sharing my own moments of joy and vulnerability I hope that you’ll think about your own.

PEAK: I read several chapters of a book that was having a hard time holding my attention over the last few weeks. I got into it and lost myself for a few hours. It was nice. It’s a murder mystery called Blue Heaven by C. J. Box my grandmother tossed at me.

PEAK: I was going to wash my car today but it rained so hard my car became clean so I didn’t have to. Nice! While I was driving to work in my freshly clean car I also came up with a few writing ideas to end the mental block I was experiencing during the morning. The essay will take a while to write so it will likely be posted by the end of the weekend if not sooner. It’s called, “The College Essay I Would Write Now“.

PEAK: I wore my favorite gray pencil skirt today with a ratty sweater. Both are comfortable material but they’re so comfortable it’s like wearing sweatpants. Toss on some pick lipstick and BAM! Instant outfit.

VALLEY: I had a bit of a fever in the early afternoon and decided to go to take a nap for a few hours with an open liter of water sitting open beside my bed. Sometime during my nap, I knocked over the full liter of water which spread out over my desk, got into the lamp cord and short-circuited it. It’s very confusing to wake up at 8 p.m. in the dark and soaking wet in your sheets.

As always, share your peaks and valleys with me in the comment section below!

xoxo, Allyson




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