Three Peaks and a Valley #8: Broadway

This series, Three Peaks and a Valley refers to three positive moments and one negative moment that happens during a twenty-four hour period of my life. When I’m feeling down, my mom tells me to remember one positive and one negative thing about the experience: a peak and a valley.

Three Peaks and a Valley aims to outweigh the negative with the positive.

Three Peaks and a Valley is a regular miniseries that, by sharing my own moments of joy and vulnerability I hope that you’ll think about your own.

PEAK: Mr. Van Gogh and I are twins. The family went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning. Alexa lasted through approximately 5 percent of the exhibits before her tolerance for fun waned drastically. Side note: Benches of indeterminate art exhibit status stress me out. As the shin splints got worse I’m sure I sat on something I wasn’t supposed to.

Some highlights…

“This is a nice bench. It represents agony.”

“The Ancient Greek went above and beyond for titty pics.”

“Van Gogh is my angst twin.”



PEAK: I got lost in Central Park. I mean, I got very lost. I followed a paved path that turned to rock, then sand, then suddenly I’m standing in some tall grass by a fenced in a corner with no path in sight like, “??????” Sat on some sick benches when I stopped wandering in circles. Love me a good bench.

PEAK: The Lion King on Broadway. I love picking apart interesting visuals. (I love to pick apart just about everything.) The singing was great, the story was as you’d expect, but the costume and prop construction was absolutely fascinating to look at. How does that headgear connect in the back? What material is that mask made of? What does the template for that animatronic trolley look like? What’s that guy’s exercise plan? I experience most enjoyment when I ignore the big picture and reverse engineer (read as: fixate on) the minuscule details.

VALLEY: My legs and ankles hurt so badly. In the four days I’ve spent in New York I took public transportation exactly once from Times Square to the Freedom Tower yesterday. That day we walked from the Freedom Tower back up to Central Park and today we walked from the Central Park area to uptown. Figure I walked about 10 miles today. I am sick of walking.

Share your peaks and valleys with me in the comment section below! I return to my mountains tomorrow afternoon so you’ll see a change of scenery in my writing. Talk soon.

Ally xx





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