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Let us convey your narrative, because everyone has a story.


Our skilled journalists blend visual elements like photography and video with richly layered audio to best convey your message alongside a carefully written story.

Telling your stories since 2014. Boston, MA


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What do we do?

Small Businesses

These businesses are started as a passion, the culmination of a life’s work, and need more than advertising to convey their value to their customer base.


Senior citizens have remarkable life stories that are lost forever because they were never recorded (raising children, serving in the military, starting businesses, overcoming hardship). ERS has an innate ability to allow individuals to relax and relate their life story. It is critical to hear these important life narratives before time and memories fade. Family history is the cornerstone of all our lives and ERS journalists will conduct extensive interviews and produce an article for personal or private use.

Personal Branding

In today’s changing economy we are all entrepreneurs and possess a brand of one sort or another. Allow ERS to write a piece to be featured on your LinkedIn account, Facebook, or any news outlet (trade publication, local newspapers).

Job Search

Competing for worthwhile and meaningful positions today requires diligence and creativity. ERS can tailor a piece to feature your most compelling attributes while targeting positions most commensurate with your specific skill set.

Admissions Recommendations

ERS can write a piece giving the admissions board a clear picture of your character, abilities and potential, from college to graduate programs and beyond.

Wedding, Anniversaries, Milestones

Your wedding day may be the most important event of your life. So many brides and grooms recall their special day with fondness but refer to the celebration as a “blur” due to the emotion and anxiety of the day.

Who are we? | Matt Benedetti

Matt has covered the men and women of the US military for over 13 years and understands the universal need of individuals to be acknowledged for their work and commitment. A staff sergeant with the 104th Fighter Wing, Matt has earned numerous decorations and awards since joining the military after the 9/11 attacks. A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, he has served as a Soldier and Airmen during a distinguished career that seen him cover stories from across the world. Covering the Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors who embody the strength and pride of our country has been an honor for Matt.

Matt has been awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armed Services Medal, Air Force Expeditionary Medal with Gold Border, 104th Fighter Wing NCO of the Year and Air Force Commendation Medal, among several decorations. His articles have appeared in national and international news outlets including the Springfield Republican, Air Force News and Navy Times.

Respect and recognition are powerful and validate our work. In the military, service members receive awards and decorations for exemplary performance of their duties. The civilian business sector has no equivalent. Matt is positioned to articulate each personal story. ERS is not a blog or a boiler plate platform but an innovative form of “personal journalism.”

Colonel once told him that if “you don’t write it down, it never happened” and he was right.

“Matt is interested in the quiet courage of compelling individuals and takes pride in eloquently telling their story – because everyone has a story to tell.”

Matt is interested in the quiet courage of compelling individuals and takes pride in eloquently telling their story – because everyone has a story to tell.

Who are we? | Allyson Morin

Allyson is a multi-media fanatic with a focus on audio and photography. Her work spans news, military, sports, profile, commentary and memoir. She is an advocate for low-income children and teaches journalism at Springfield’s High School of Commerce as well as New England Public Radio’s Media Lab. Each week her students learn to use storytelling as a means of critical thinking. In order to tell their stories, students must analyze the world in which their stories exist in. Allyson strongly believes that sharing stories bridges the gaps between people and has the power to create revolutionary change.

Allyson routinely publishes stories with the Amherst Wire, UMass Athletics and New England Public Radio. Her work has also appeared in Western Mass newspapers and at the 104th Fighter Wing where she is a public affairs intern.

In her free time, Allyson enjoys recording audio books and writing stories about her dysfunctional family at Stories for Strangers. Allyson will graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with degrees in journalism and linguistics December 2017.


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