What’s in a Name?


A-“double L”-Y-S-O-N, A-“double L”-Y-S-O-N, A-“double L”-Y-S-O-N.

When I was young, my mother would sing the spelling of my name to me so I would know how to write it.

A-“double L”-Y-S-O-N.

I consider Allyson the misspelling of the name Alison, but hey, it was the ’90s. Extra letters and the needless use of the letter Y were popular at the time.

My name is Allyson Taylor Morin.

My name was chosen by my mother’s fifth grade class of 1995. Partway through the school year, my pregnant mother told her students they could name me anything they wanted so long as they agreed.

The 10-year-olds had a vote. Allyson Morin narrowly won first place while Xena The-Warrior-Princess Morin finished a close second. I mean it finished a close second.

I asked my mother recently if, had first name Xena, middle name The-Warrior-Princess shoved together to make a middle name won, would she have followed through?

“Yeah, at the time I think I would have named you that,” she said.

Honestly, had I been around I might have asked for a recount.

I think I could have carried it.


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