Spoiler: The Goose Wins in the End

I bought my first DSLR camera recently, a Canon Rebel T6i. I spent weeks agonizing over the purchase as I needed it for work as well as to pursue a few creative projects in the works. I have a hard time pulling the trigger on big purchases for myself. I find a million excuses as to why I can do without or do with less. I worry about money. I am afraid that if I spend it I’ll soon suffer an unexpected financial blow elsewhere. It’s the same reason why I leap into bed from halfway across the room, close the closet door at night and hold my breath when I pass cemeteries. Just in case.

I was so proud of myself for coughing up the money in the end. So far I don’t regret a thing. I got a package deal with a lens and audio equipment that shipped in about two days. The morning it came I spent hours pouring over the manuals and playing with the settings. I realized quickly that the only way to learn is by doing.

Alexa and I load up into the car with my equipment in tow to take a visit to the local reservoir. I had Alexa put flowers in her hair, pose against trees, pose against the water and the like. My photographs aren’t spectacular by any stretch. I just wanted to get a feel of the manual settings.

Anyway, things were going great until I asked Alexa to pose near a flock of geese. The geese dominated the narrow isthmus surrounded my calm reservoir water. It was a bright cheerful day. Sunshine bounced off the water like glitter. A gentle breeze stirred the warm air. The geese communicated pure rage.


“Are you sure?” Alexa asked, sounding hesitant.

“You’re fine, just stand by the geese and I’ll take a few pictures,” I said.

Alexa hesitantly shuffled over to the flock. I snapped a photo. One goose peered up at her and ruffled his feathers. Alexa paused, frightened.

The goose lowered its head and hissed, exposing it’s serrated beak and alien looking tongue. Flapping its feathers and puffing up its chest, it charged toward her, honking.

Alexa shrieked and ran the other way. I laughed gleefully and continued snapping photos.

What followed can be described as the only true happiness I can derive from a series of images. Behold.

IMG_0809IMG_0810IMG_0811 (1)IMG_0812 (2)

Sorry for the blur, I was laughing so hard my arms were shaking.


Take care not to piss off the geese,



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