College Series: Done with Dorm Life

This past Wednesday marked my last day of the traditional college experience. On Wednesday afternoon I took my last final of the 2017 Spring semester, packed up my dorm, and drove off campus for the last time this year. As I left, I left behind some of the independence that comes with being a young adult living away from home for the past three years of my studies.

I moved back into my mother’s basement.

Why am I not living on campus for the fall semester, my final semester before graduation?

Part of my decision comes from holding anywhere from two to three jobs during the school year. I don’t spend enough time on campus to justify the price tag of a college dorm. It’s not unusual for me to pull 20 hours of work during a single weekend.

The other piece of my decision comes from my schedule for next semester. I only have two days a week of classes on campus, with the third day of classes reserved for “community journalism”, a class held remotely in a city near my hometown.

Plus, honestly? Dorm life just wasn’t for me. I found it difficult to relate to my peers on campus when we had different priorities. I think in the past three years I went to parties less than five times. My primary concern was putting the work in to get my degree to get ahead with my life. That coupled with the aforementioned points meant I ran into my roommates maybe two to three times a week.

All this being said, I think living in a dorm for three years was a valuable learning experience. It taught me how to live alongside people I’m not necessarily friends with. It taught me how to be efficient with my time and my space. It taught me how to take fast showers. Most of all, it taught me how few physical items I actually need or use. I definitely feel inspired to purge my space of clutter at home.

To anyone entering college and living in a dorm for the first time this fall, approach it with an open mind. You may love it, it may not be for you, but you’ll likely learn something about yourself.

Best of luck,



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