TOP TEN Thought-Provoking Prompts

Here are some blog post ideas to get the writing juices flowing. Remember that any online writing or digital publication love multimedia. Capture video, audio, or photographs to accompany your written words. Data is interesting to look at. Find new ways to display old information through charts or graphs. Don’t be afraid of quick sentences or bulleted lists. Large chunks of small text are hard for readers to pick through. Develop a personal style that resonates with readers.


  1. Interview someone. Interview a grandparent or a person much older than you. Interview someone much younger than you. Interview someone with a wild life story to share. Interview someone who is researching or working on a cool project. What can we learn from them?
  2. Vox pop. Bring a tape recorder to a busy shopping center to passing pedestrians (at least ten) the same question. This question may be: Where do you get your news? What would you change about your community? What makes a politician trustworthy? Create a two-minute audio story. Make graphics of what you learned and analyze the answers.
  3. Document your day through photographs. List and reflect on everything you do. What do you wish you spent more time on? Less?
  4. Media criticism. Pick apart a story in the news. How are different media covering it? Is there another angle? Why should we care?
  5. Treat your town as a tourist destination. Where are the best places to go? Where does one find the best food? Where do you park your car? How much money should a visitor be prepared to spend? Create an online brochure.
  6. Community journalism. Highlight an issue in your community from a human-interest approach. Interview community members and offer solutions to solve the problem.
  7. Photo gallery. Create a photo gallery of recipes you tried for the first time today/this week/this year. How were they? Do you recommend them? Could they be improved?
  8. DIY Diva. Try something new on a regular basis, like drawing pictures, flower arranging, attempting complicated craft projects. Document your experience. Show how you improve over time… or fail miserably.
  9. Give a review. Review books, podcasts, movies, television shows, cosmetics, cookbooks, local events, music or even review reviewers. How is it? Is it worth the time or money? Let your audience know.
  10. Lists! Make lists. Lists of project ideas, writing prompts, or other suggestions. Make top-ten lists of your favorite vegan ice-cream recipes. Lists are quick to read and give inspiration.


Did these help? Let me know!




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