A Day in the Life

(Photo by Allyson Morin/Stories for Strangers)

So far, my blog has been filled with the stories of strangers—for the most part, people other than myself. It isn’t often that I break from the formality of this structure. Each story I post requires hours of agonizing over paragraph flow and correct AP-style. Let’s pause from that process, if only for today. I’m writing this as it comes to me, as if we are two old friends catching up over a cup of coffee. Hello! How are you?

Let me tell you about my day.

Turning the clock ahead threw me off this morning. I woke up after 10 o’clock, to my disappointment. I was tired because I stayed up late last night in a Skype call with my boyfriend who is spending a year in Korea. Breakfast was an odd assortment of leftover mashed potatoes, coffee, and a couple cherry Jolly Ranchers tossed down quickly as I was due to meet my friend Leah for an outing in Northampton.

It was nice to see Leah. Life gets so busy sometimes that it is easy to neglect your friendships. We had deep life talks, discussed my plans for Stories for Strangers, and I accidentally held up a line of cars by sitting at a stop sign for 30 seconds as if waiting for it to turn green. That was embarrassing and we promised never to speak of it again.

Our first stop was Smith College for the Spring Bulb Show. I was there yesterday with my mother and grandmother if you feel like reading about it. Why did I attend two days in a row? Puttering around a warm greenhouse costs less than a tropical vacation. Also, Leah had never been.

There’s something about the feel of sunshine and the smell of warm dirt that makes a person deliriously happy. I made a point to say out loud every few minutes how happy I was to be in such a comfortable space. I tried not to think about the of the 15 inches of snow due on Tuesday.

All in all I probably nabbed about 300 pictures of greenhouse plants between the two visits. What are the odds I’ll ever have the burning desire to sift through hundreds of snapshots to find a specific flower identical to all the other flowers? Pretty slim. I usually don’t tote a camera around for that reason. I prefer to experience whatever is in front of me instead of second hand through a camera lens.

After the greenhouse we headed into town. We stopped by Raven, a second-hand bookstore, to browse the latest arrivals. My boyfriend had given me a list of titles he wanted to read but I had little luck finding them.

Leah and I also hit up the local shops, although the only thing I purchased was a coffee with almond milk. The main fun of going out for me is meeting interesting people and learning about their interesting lives. I talked a few people’s ears off in the greenhouse while in town a lovely shopkeeper told me about her daughter’s ugly tattoos. Most importantly, I met a cool dog.

This dog was so cool. He was about the size of a horse with enough fluffy white fur to stuff a mattress. As I passed him on the street we caught each other’s eye and time seemed to slow down. I think our souls recognized each other. I’m convinced that dog and I will meet again later in life and will go on an epic quest.

In the meantime, Leah had her dog Indie waiting at home so when we got back I spent about an hour throwing toys around for her. Indie is this little Maltese who is in a state of continual joy. She’s an absolute delight.

I made it home around 6 o’clock in time to help my dad unload groceries from the truck. This week is Spring break for me so I have downtime to bang out some writing and relax before the next wave of the semester rocks my sanity.

I’m glad the house is stocked up with food because I hear the snow is going to get bad in a few days. March is a funny month. You’re lulled into a false sense of security with a string of 60 degree days (15 degrees for those outside the U.S.) before another cold front dashes your dreams of an early spring.

What about you? Any snow where you live?

That’s all for me today! Tomorrow I bring my dog to the vet, work at the radio station, and meet a friend to workout afterwards.


Until next time,



8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Lovely post. The flow is just right. Sometimes in order to make it perfect we mess up a whole lot of things including our own writings. I’ll keep coming to your domain to know more about you and your lifestyle. It is interesting to know people and their lives even if on the virtual space.

    Enjoy and God Bless

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  2. Ashleigh Bugg

    Really cool project and nice to see your perspective. Also, I love your photos of the greenhouse and succulents. Thanks for following Travel Bugg and keep up the good work!


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