Five Seconds of Everything with Kimberly Cruz | Stories for Strangers

I sat down to discuss the challenges of novel writing with high school of Commerce senior Kimberly Cruz. Cruz is the author of five novels on a story-sharing site called Wattpad where her most popular work, “Night and Day” garnered 2,600 reads. She is a prolific writer with a passion for storytelling.

Her drafts are home to nine additional novels in various stages of completion.

On Oct. 12, 2016 Cruz wrote:

“I first knew I wanted to be a journalist when I started sixth grade. I would always have a notebook full of stories, whether it was fan fiction, teen fiction, or other type of stories. I always wanted to publish one of my own, but I knew that it would take a long time. So I decide that while I’m in the process of my writing, I would work for the newspaper or the magazines where I interview people or write a paper on someone or something important to in life to people. That’s why I thought I would move to New York, go to college to get my writing skills better and so many things. After college I would stick around, live there, and try to work for one of their newspaper companies. New York is one the the cities with the most people that would have a chance to read my stories and my opinion on things a way nobody has taken a way of seeing it.”

Find Cruz’s work at under the username @5secondofeverything

Or, click the link to her profile here.

Contact Allyson Morin at or at


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