College Series: Everything (Absolutely Everything) I am bringing to college this year.

This year will be my third year living on campus.  As a veteran of the college experience, I have managed to whittle down my packing to the bare essentials.  Here is what I’m bringing:

For dorm:

  • two pillows with pillowcases two sets of twin XL bedding, quilt, fuzzy blanket
  • command hooks, tapestry, Christmas lights, framed photo of boyfriend
  • minimal decoration: a throw pillow for the bed and small bike figurine for my desk will do the trick
  • desk lamp, clip light for bed, alarm clock, and small fan
  • dish soap, sponge, wet wipes, paper towels
  • two face cloths, two bath towels
  • microwave (I have 7 roommates in my suite, someone else is bringing the fridge)
  • drying rack (not everyone will need this but I refuse to pay $1.50 to dry my clothes)
  • wax warmer and glade plug-ins (I will be living with men)
  • potted plant (It boosts morale)
  • A real dish to eat off of, with a real fork and spoon (Saves waste)
  • bike and bike lock

For class:

  • Five notebooks for this semester, five notebooks for next semester.
  • 7 pocket accordion folder for loose paper and essays
  • post it notes, tape, stapler, pens, pencils, highlighters
  • loose leaf paper
  • journal, personal planner
  • textbooks and two personal reading books
  • dry-erase calendar


  • A week or so’s worth of exercise gear (t-shirts, sports bras, shorts)
  • Three dresses, two skirts, four nice shirts
  • jean jacket, dressy jacket, pea-coat
  • a pair of jeans, a handful of leggings, four pairs of jean shorts
  • boots, heeled boots, sandals, shower shoes, two pairs of sneakers
  • a scarf, a couple sweaters, and a pair of sweatpants
  • pajamas
  • socks, underwear, etc
  • collapsible laundry basket and tide pods


  • shower caddy with shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash
  • toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush holder, floss, mouth wash
  • hair brush (I have a pixie cut so I need no styling tools)
  • makeup, perfume, feminine products
  • deodorant, razors, shaving cream
  • witch hazel (It’s a natural astringent for oily skin), mousterizer
  • nail polish remover, cotton balls, three bottles of nail polish


  • My car and a parking pass
  • quarters for laundry
  • ID, cash, car keys, contents of my purse

What I didn’t bring:

  • A fridge (roommate will)
  • All the clothing I own (I live near enough to school to swap out my clothing on break)
  • Too many dorm accessories (Clutter is the enemy)
  • Under the bed storage (If you have places to put things, you will put things in there and never touch them again
  • Candles (college doesn’t allow it)
  • A printer (Colleges have many printing options on campus)
  • A vacuum (You can borrow one from the dorm office if needed)


If you look at something and think, “Hey I should bring this, I might need it eventually”, you won’t need it.  Don’t fall into the trap of bringing a car load of crap you won’t use a quarter of.  Packing light saves a headache when it’s time to pack it all up and bring it back.


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