Journalism, A Worthless Degree?

Your father says a degree in journalism promises a less secure future than degrees in STEM. Your mother thinks an art degree will keep you safe from the dangerous assignments journalists undertake. This 2012 article by Forbes comments on a report by Career Cast that lists journalism as the fifth worst job, above oil riggers …

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LISTEN: Never Give Up | Media Lab Podcast #6

LISTEN HERE This is the sixth installment of New England Public Radio's Media Lab Podcast. I am delighted to be a part of such an inspiring venture and feel honored to share our students' stories with you. In this week's episode, be inspired and stay strong with these Media Lab stories that explore hope by overcoming …

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The Witch’s Child, Wicked and Wonderful

Bedtime Stories Lilian Moore "Tell me a story," Says Witch's Child. "About the Beast So fierce and wild. About a ghost That shrieks and groans. A skeleton That rattles bones. About a Monster Crawly-creepy. Something nice To make me sleepy."     This is my mother's favorite poem. She seemed to recite it constantly when …

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